Our Social Value

Valuing Every Person We Work With.

Investing In Our Communities.

We actively collaborate with our supply chain to foster and embody best practices, elevating the perception of construction as a leading contractor.

Within our operations, our commitment extends to optimising social value through strategic procurement.

We empower our subcontractors to enhance and amplify social value across our projects, ensuring a collective impact that resonates.

Our 5 Social Value Promises.

Reduce Economic Inequality
Help Fight Climate Change
Equal Opportunities Employer
To Focus On Local Engagement
Improve Mental and Physical Wellbeing of Our Team

Commitment On Every Project.

At Vaughandale, we recognise the pivotal role procurement holds in ensuring the prosperity of individuals and communities through targeted investments, anchoring social value at the heart of our business ethos.

Stringent oversight characterises our sites to ensure strict adherence to company protocols. By upholding this commitment, we proactively address concerns tied to construction’s impact on local communities. We actively engage with the community, organising site visits and presentations for local groups, colleges, and schools throughout the project’s duration.

Our ultimate goal is to leave a positive and enduring imprint within the community while minimising any disruptions stemming from the construction process.

Keeping It Local.

Vaughandale emphasises local collaboration, selecting nearby subcontractors and suppliers whenever possible. Our commitment extends to championing the region’s offerings, including timber cladding, concrete blocks, and more.

Guided by Equality and Diversity principles, we leverage our supply chain to uplift community standards. Apprenticeship programs pave the way for future construction professionals. Collaborating with employment and skills experts, we strengthen the sector’s influence and encourage new talent to join the industry.

Spotlight On Social Value In Action.

Partnering with West Notts College (WNC), we actively contribute to quarterly employer advisor panel meetings, focusing on diverse topics from college advancements to employer insights. Our involvement ensures alignment of classroom learning with practical site requirements, emphasises safe skill application, and addresses themes like communication, customer service, and procurement procedures. This collaboration stands as a cornerstone in nurturing capable, job-ready professionals.

We also work in active partnership with R.E.A.L by offering education and training in a controlled and mutually supportive environment. We help young people by supporting the transition into the business world. In addition to this, we upcycle and offer them surplus stock and materials to use within their training programs.

We also work and support several local charities including Framework Housing and opt to use local suppliers when purchasing supplies.